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Accounting & Payroll

Payroll Settings Overview

Your software can calculate your business' employee payroll, and if desired, print payroll checks. Payroll calculations are made based on information taken from the following items: Employee payroll settin...


Suppliers Overview

The Suppliers screen facilitates tracking of suppliers transactions. You can add, edit, print, and associate products with suppliers that you enter on the Suppliers screen. To access the Suppliers screen, selec...


Syncing with QuickBooks Connect

These instructions will help you configure your software to sync certain types of database information with QuickBooks Desktop Edition. Intuit does not support the use of QuickBooks Online Editions with third-p...


Payroll Reports & Extras

These instructions will help you learn and utilize your software's Payroll Reports and a few other extra accounting features not addressed in any other support documentation. These extra features include deleti...


General Ledger Overview

The General Ledger feature allows you to track the financial transactions of your business. These transactions can be rent payments, utility payments, supplier shipments, written checks, and most every other fi...


Payroll Commissions Overview

These instructions will help you set up and configure commission rates and amounts for employees in your software. The Commission System has two settings: 1) Use single commission system: if employees earn comm...


Payroll Tables Overview

Payroll tables may be used to customize commissions, pay, and deductions. Tables involve any payroll option that doesn't work based on a straight percentage, i.e. a deduction that gets incrementally larger with...


Payroll Deductions Overview

The taxes and deductions listed in this article are set to a generic United States format, i.e. Federal Tax, State Tax, Local Tax, Social Security, Booth Renter, Medicare, Health Care, and SEP or Simplified Emp...


Payroll Calculation Overview

Payroll calculations are made based on criteria from payroll configuration information, closed tickets, and product and service commission. Calculating Payroll Select Calculate New Payroll from the Accoun...


Payroll FAQs

These are some common, frequently asked questions regarding payroll. Other inquiries not on this list can be directed to support@daysmart.com. What does it mean when you claim a tip on a ticket? Claim...