Modifying Text Reminder Templates

In order for a client to receive a text reminder from you in just one segment, it is recommended that the template you're using contain less than 160 characters. Many SMS providers will split messages into multiple segments if they exceed 160. This can double or triple the number of messages you're sending. Limit your character count quickly and easily in the Messaging and Marketing drop-down menu.
  1. Select Messaging & Marketing Messaging System Settings.
  2. Click Manage Appointment Notifications.
  3. In the Appointment Reminders tab, choose Edit Message next to Text Reminders.
  4. Click Edit Current Text. The lower section displays the Estimated # of text messages and the Estimated length of message. Modify the body of your message to be less than 160 characters to ensure only one text message per appointment is sent.
  5. Click Save Text Message when complete.
  6. Make sure to check the Client Notifications tab as well. Use the Edit Text Message buttons for each appointment notification type and do the same as above for each text template to ensure only one text message is sent.

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