Text Message Confirmations Overview

In Version 12, clients can respond with a confirmation to appointment reminders sent by text message. It's easy for them to do, and it's hands off for you once you set it up! Here's how:
  1. Click the Messaging & Marketing drop-down menu and choose Set Up Appointment Notifications.
  2. Make sure that the Send appointment reminders to clients by text message box is checked.
  3. Check the and allow clients to respond to a text reminder to confirm the appointment box.
When your clients receive their text reminders, REPLY C to confirm your appointment will automatically be appended to your existing text reminder template. Clients just need to reply with either an upper or lower case C and your software will automatically process the feedback. Clients will also receive another follow-up message thanking them for confirming the appointment.

When a client confirms by text, some important changes will happen in the software to alert you of their confirmation. As shown below in red, the Confirmed field on tickets will automatically be changed to Text Message and a line of text will indicate the date that the appointment was confirmed. 

At this point, there is nothing else that you absolutely need to do to receive confirmations by text. But, there are a couple other changes that will improve your experience using them. 
  • In the Set Up Appointment Notifications window, you can edit the follow-up message that clients receive after confirming by clicking the Edit Message button next to Text Confirmation Reply.
  • To make confirmations easier to identify and manage on your Appointment Book, you can easily set up a color code based on the Text Message item in the Confirmed field to see who has confirmed by text message. First, make sure that you have a Text Message confirmation type added to your system.
    1. Choose the Tickets drop-down and then Edit Lists > Confirmed.
    2. If you don't have Text Message in the list, click Add and type Text Message, then click OK. If you already have a Text Message in the list, click cancel and skip to step 4.
    3. Highlight the Text Message item and move it below the (blank) line with the Move Down button. Click OK.
    4. Now, you can set up the color code for that confirmation type. Right-click on any blank space of the Appointment Book and click Calendar View Options.
    5. Select the Color Codes tab in the upper left.
    6. To add a custom color code, click Add in the upper right.
    7. Name the color code. In this case, you might use something like Text Confirmation.
    8. Select Confirmation in the Type pull-down menu and then Text Message in the Confirmation Type drop-down.
    9. Make the desired changes in the Background and Borders and Text sections.
    10. Click OK.
    11. Set the priority for the Confirmation Type custom color codes in the Appointment Color Code Priority for Open Tickets section. Many users want their custom codes to be the top priority but still be able to tell at a glance which appointments are Checked In. To achieve this, move Checked In to the top of the priority list and Confirmation Type to the second position.
    12. Click Apply and then OK to save your changes. Now, when your clients confirm by text, you will have no trouble figuring out who has confirmed and who has not!

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