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Editing Messaging Templates

These instructions will help you locate and modify the existing templates used for messaging and notifications in your software. We provide a default template for each message type, and if you've updated from an older version, then your own templates will be automatically selected. But, if you would like to make the templates we provide unique to your business, then read on!

All your templates can be located by selecting Manage E-mail & Text Message Templates in the Messaging & Marketing (or E-mail & Marketing) drop-down menu. Use the Filter Message Templates options at the top to view the Message Format and Message type templates you'd like to view/edit.

Editing a Template
Highlight any template name and click Edit Selected or double-click the template to edit. All the standard word processing and editing buttons and tools are located just above the message body editing window. Options include:
  • Font: choose Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Lucida Console, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, or Verdana
  • Font Size: choose any size between 5-74 pt.
  • Font Color: choose any color that Windows can create
  • Bold: make selected text bold
  • Italic: make selected text italic
  • Underline: make selecedt text underlined
  • Left Align: align selected text/item(s) left
  • Center Align: align selected text/item(s) center
  • Right Align: align selected text/item(s) right
  • Bullet List: create bullet list of text
  • Numeric List: create numberic list of text
  • Picture Insert: add images from file path or URL
  • Hyperlink: create URL links
  • Table Insert: create tables of text
  • Copy text from MS Word: copy edited text and preserve formatting from Microsoft Word
  • Design View: create/edit template in Design View
  • HTML Edit Mode: create/edit template in HTML View
Using <Insert> Items: words in your template surrounded by <>, e.g. <First Name>, are items that pull automatically from your database based on the employee/client receiving the message. This allows you to personalize each message sent to your clients/employees. The list of <Insert> items is available in the lower left side of the template editor for each message type. Not all message types have the same <Insert> options. Simply place the cursor where you would like the item added, select it in the drop-down menu, and then click Insert.

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