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Barcode Scanner Setup & Troubleshooting

These instructions will help you set up and use a barcode scanner with your software. DaySmart Software, Inc. sells and officially supports Honeywell MS5145 Eclipse and Metrologic 9520 scanners. This does not mean that others will not work with your software, but these two are the ones that will definitely work. These USB scanners are plug-and-play devices and require no additional software or drivers to be installed aside from the automatic identification that Windows performs when the device is connected to a computer.

Using Your Device
Once your scanner is connected you can test it in a variety of ways. Since it simply scans whatever information is contained in a barcode, you can open a new document in Notepad and scan anything with a barcode to verify that it's scanning properly. If the barcode you scan is a UPC with a number, the number read by the scanner should match exactly the number on the UPC code. The second way to test the scanner is to use it in your software. There are several places your barcode scanner can be used.
  1. Tickets: you can scan your products when your cursor is placed in the ID column. If your Product ID fields are set as the UPC codes on your product labels or you have added the UPC code to one of the Alias fields for your products, products will be added to tickets simply by scanning the barcodes.
  2. Receiving or Updating Inventory: you can scan products in the ID column to process inventory updates when you select Update Inventory with Barcode Scanner in the Products & Services pull-down menu.
  3. Purchase Orders: you can scan products in the ID column when creating purchase orders. This function is found by selecting Edit Purchase Orders in the Accounting pull-down menu.

If your barcode scanner is unresponsive or reading improperly when connected to your computer, trying moving it to a different USB port. If you don't have another USB port available, unplug the device, wait about 10 seconds, reconnect it to your computer, and try scanning again. In the rare occurrence that this does not correct any operating issues, you should restart your computer and test the scanner again. If the device is still unresponsive, this may indicate hardware failure and you will want to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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