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Prepaid Services Overview

These instructions will help you sell and add a quantity of prepaid services to a client's balance which will be redeemed at a later date. You specify the value a customer is purchasing and using. For example, a Quantity Purchased amount of 5 and Quantity Used amount of 1 will indicate that the client will purchase five of these services ahead of time, and then come in and use the service balance one at a time for five visits before having to pay for the service again. For prepaid services, the total price should be divided by the Quantity Purchased field. i.e., if a service includes five of a service to be used over the course of five appointments and costs a total of $100, the service price would be $20. The price of $20 will be multiplied by the Quantity Purchased field on the ticket, in this case five, to equal $100.

​Selling Prepaid Services
The number of services (or visits) added to a client's prepaid balance is determined by the number in the Qty Prch column on the ticket that is used to add the prepaid amount.
  1. Create a ticket for the client.
  2. Add the service that the client is prepaying for today.
  3. Change the amount in the green Qty Prch column to the number of the service to be added to their prepaid balance.
  4. Notice that the red Qty Used column has a 1 in it. If the client is having the first of their prepaid quantity performed today, then leave the 1 there. The number added to the prepaid balance after closing the ticket will be one fewer than the number in the Qty Prch column. If the client is only prepaying and not having the service performed today, then change the Qty Used column to 0.
  5. Check out and close the ticket as you normally would. The total amount due for the ticket is simply the price of the single service multiplied by the number in the Qty Prch column.
  6. The software will show a popup message with the quantity of services added to the client's prepaid balance.
Redeeming Prepaid Services
Once a client had purchased a prepaid quantity, it's easy to redeem them on subsequent visits.
  1. Create a ticket for the client.
  2. Click the Redeem Pre-paid Service button. The Select Pre-Paid Service to Redeem window will appear.
  3. Highlight the service and click the Redeem Pre-Paid Service button.
  4. Confirm the quantity to be redeemed. The item will be added to the ticket at $0 since the service has been paid for previously.
  5. Click Schedule/Leave Open if they client is scheduling a future appointment or close the ticket as you normally would if the client is ready for checkout now.
Managing Client Prepaid Services Balances
It may sometimes be necessary to make adjustments or view a client's prepaid services balance.
  1. Click the Clients button or select Edit Clients from the Clients pull-down menu.
  2. Search for a client whose prepaid balance you want to view and double-click their entry to get to the Edit Client screen.
  3. Click the Pre-Paid Services button at the bottom.
  4. The Pre-Paid Services window will appear. It displays the list of prepaid services and the quantity available. If a client has a long list and you only want to view items with a remaining balance, click the Show only active pre-paid services checkbox in the lower left. Double-clicking any row will allow you to view the usage and sales history for each item.
  5. The Current Status tab will allow you to adjust the balance remaining if there is a discrepancy with the total number a client should have available for redemption.
Prepaid Services & Commission
The same rules apply to prepaid services as to normally sold/scheduled services. If you are using a single commission system, commission is awarded only when a service is performed and not when it is sold. If you are using a dual commission system, the commission amounts awarded when a service is sold and when a service is redeemed is determined by you on each service individually.

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