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Credit Card Setup for Independent Contractors

These instructions will help you set up integrated credit card processing in your software for employees who are independent contractors. Your software allows you to set up multiple merchant accounts. Each independent contractor can have his or her own merchant ID number and the credit card transaction amounts from a ticket for a specific independent contractor can be deposited directly into his or her account. Most businesses use high speed Internet to process their credit card transactions, but a phone line modem will also work. XCharge allows processing Visa and MasterCard credit cards. See the article here for instructions on accepting Discover and American Express.
  1. Follow the article here for help setting up credit card processing for your single business merchant account.
  2. On all computers on the network, be sure Windows file sharing is enabled and that it allows other users to modify files. Make sure your Windows file sharing is NOT set at read only. Also, be sure that Salon Iris is installed on all computers on the network.
  3. Make sure that each independent contractor has his or her bank ID number and terminal ID number. If you are unsure about any of these, call XCharge credit card processing support at (800) 338-6614, and they can give you this information or tell you the status.
  4. Call XCharge credit card processing support at (800) 338-6614, and they will walk you through the proper configuration and setup on the computer containing the Internet connection.
  5. Start your software.
  6. Select Options from the Tools pull-down menu.
  7. Click the Credit Card Processing tab.
  8. Check the Enable credit card processing box.
  9. Click the Test Connection button to make sure that the software is able to communicate.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Check the Show a pop-up message confirming the transaction was approved box.
  12. Choose from the following options in the Tips section:
    • Include a tip line only if one or more services are listed on the ticket
    • Always include a tip line
    • Never include a tip line
    • Treat tips for independent contractors as direct tips for credit card transactions
  13. Click the OK button to return to the Options screen.
  14. Click OK again to return to your software.
  15. Select Edit Employees from the Employees pull-down menu.
  16. Double-click on the employee who is an independent contractor.
  17. Click the Independent Contractor tab.
  18. Check the box that says This person is a independent contractor.
  19. In the Merchant ID field, type in the merchant ID number that was provided to this independent contractor. The merchant ID should have been obtained when he or she applied for the merchant account in Step 2.
  20. Click the OK button.
  21. Repeat Steps 17-21 for each employee that is an independent contractor.
You should now test your integrated credit card processing. To do so, add or edit a ticket. Add a service and mark it to a dollar. In the Employees column, select one independent contractor with merchant processing. Multiple independent contractors cannot be selected on the same ticket. This is due to how information is held in the database, reporting is done, and how the credit card transaction amounts are deposited into the independent contractor's bank account. Click the Tender = Due button and click the Process Credit Card button. Swipe the credit card and your software will process the card and approve or decline it. If the card is approved, the ticket will automatically close. If you wish, perform a return for the service to return the money to the card. If your credit card did not process, call XCharge credit card processing technical support at (800) 338-6614.

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