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Connecting Your Client Computers

These instructions will help you set up, register, activate, and connect your client computer(s) using a network (Multi-Computer or Multi-Location) edition of DaySmart software.

Set Up the Server Computer
If you are going from a single computer license (Solo, Standard, or Professional) edition to a multiple computer license (Multi-Computer or Multi-Location) edition, you will need to register your new serial number on the server before connecting any client computers.
  1. Select Register from the File pull-down menu. Register the program using your online account username and password.
  2. When prompted to activate, choose Activate Now.
  3. Go to File > Database Settings > Connection Settings. Write down or remember the Server Name in the Network Settings section. It will be important when setting up your client(s).
It's recommended that you make sure your server is currently running the most recently released maintenance build of your version. This will ensure that all computers in your network are on the same version and build number.
  1. Go to Help > Check for Update.
  2. Confirm that you want the software to search for available updates by clicking Yes.
  3. If the software states that you're already running the most current version, click Cancel and skip to the Set Up the New Client(s) section.
  4. If the software states that an update is available, you can click the Auto Update button to download and install the update automatically or you can click the Manual Update button to download and install the update on your own. If you download the update manually, be sure to complete the installation before setting up your new client computer(s).
Set Up the New Client(s)
  1. Install the update-only file from the 123Pet support downloads page here. Follow the instructions given by the installation wizard.​
  2. ​​Register your software. Start the software and select Register from the File pull-down menu. Register the program using your online account username and password.
  3. When prompted to activate, choose Activate Now.
  4. You may be prompted to select the server. If not, select Database Settings from the File pull-down menu and choose the Connection Settings > Edit Connection Settings.
    1. Select the second option: This is an additional computer (client) and press Continue. Select Manual setup and enter the enter your server name from Step 3 at the beginning of the previous section. Click Continue.
    2. If you cannot remember the name, click the Auto Setup button. Select the server computer from the list and click OK. The client computer will then attempt to connect to the database on the server computer.
    3. If you created a password for your database, enter it and your software will connect. Otherwise, your client should now be connected to your server.
  5. Repeat this section on all remaining client computers.
If you encounter problems connecting your client(s) to the server on the same local network, the article here will troubleshoot these issues.

If you are using a Multi-Computer edition on different local networks or a Multi-Location edition connecting multiple databases, see the article here for help creating a Virtual Private Network and connecting your client(s) to your server.

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