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Create an Online Booking Website

These instructions will help you create and set up an Online Booking website for your business that allows clients to book and request appointments that sync directly and automatically with your software.

Add the Online Booking Service Feature
  1. Begin by selecting the Online Services pull-down menu in your software and selecting Online Booking Setup.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, select Learn More and Sign Up.
  3. Click the Continue to Online Booking Setup button.
  4. This will open the DaySmart account website where you will need to log in with your administrator account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one. You will also be prompted to enter your software Serial Number.
  5. Once you're logged in, you must link your administrator account with an employee in your database. Select the appropriate employee from the Administrator Name pull-down menu and click Continue.
  6. If you have a credit card on file for billing, it will auto-populate this information. If not, you must enter billing details before continuing. Once finished, select Continue Using this Payment Info. This will activate the Online Booking Service for your business.
Creating Your Website
  1. Choose an account name for your website address. Most businesses use their name (all one word) at the beginning of the website address. Click on Check Availability to verify that your account name is not already taken by another business. If it's already taken, you must choose a name that is available.
  2. You will be given an opportunity to change your selected name or continue the setup process. If you are satisfied with your website URL, click Continue Setup. Otherwise, choose Change Name to pick something else.
  3. Pick a theme for your site. Everything on your site can be customized to match your style, but selecting a pre-designed theme will help get you started. Use the magnifying glass icon to see a preview of any available theme. If you will be doing a lot of customization, it may be best to choose a theme like Simplicity since it's very basic.
  4. Click on Finish! Create Website. This may take a couple minutes. This completes the setup of your website. Click the Continue to Edit Your Website button if you would like to start making changes and modifying your preferences now. Otherwise, your site is live with all the default settings and clients can start requesting appointments. If you want to add online booking to your existing business website, see the article here. You can also add it to your business Facebook page by following the article here. The next section provides some helpful starting tips for getting started with your website.
Helpful Website Tips
  1. Log in to your Onine Booking website and edit it from anywhere simply by navigating to the page's URL and clicking the Manage Site link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Client bookings are linked directly with employee schedules in your software. If a time is available on your appointment book, a client will be able to book in that spot. You should look at the Schedule in your software and make sure it matches employees' exact working times.
  3. You should also go into the Service Limitations tab inside each employee record to make sure that appointments are only booked with employees who can perform those services.
  4. Your website remains live all the time for your clients to book, but it does not know your real-time availability if your software is not running. For this reason, we highly recommend that you leave the server computer running with your software open at all times.
  5. If your computer is off or your software is closed, clients will still be able to send appointment requests, but those requests will only come through as e-mails and will not book a time slot in your software. This is a fail safe measure to prevent double-booking. You must assign one or more recipients for "offline requests." To do this, log into your online booking website and locate the Set Your Preferences section. Click on Booking Preferences and add one or more e-mail addresses in the Offline Recipients section. You will need to follow up on these requests by phone or e-mail.
  6. Online Booking appointment requests will appear as translucent "ghost appointments" on your appointment book. They will appear in the time slot for which they are requested until they are accepted or rejected. This will also prevent double-booking. Your software will alert you with a pop-up when next requests come in. Double-clicking on a ghost appointment will show you the accept/reject screen with the requested appointment details. To view all your appointment requests, click the pop-up notification or navigate to the Tickets screen and select Appointment Requests in the Online Booking section in the lower left toolbar.

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