Add Online Booking to your business' Facebook page

Adding the booking portion of your Online Booking page to your business' Facebook page is easy.
  1. ​Log in to your Online Booking website with your authorized DaySmart account.
  2. Select Website Options in the Navigate panel on the left.
  3. Choose Facebook Integration in the Set Your Preferences section.
  4. Click the Login with Facebook button. You will be prompted to sign into your Facebook account. If you are already signed into Facebook, click the Connect a Facebook Page button.
  5. Once you're signed in select the business page you want the plugin to appear on and click Add Page Tab.
  6. If you want to alter the appearance of the booking plugin, select Design Booking Plugin. Make the desired changes and see a preview with the Open Preview button or click the checkmark icon to save changes. Your plugin will update and appear on your Facebook page automatically. If you do not see the results of your changes immediately, refresh your browser or close the page and reopen it.
  7. When visitors are on your page, a new Tab called Online Booking will appear along with Timeline, About, Photos, etc. Any changes to the positioning of the plugin on your page will need to be modified through your Facebook interface.
  8. It is important to note that the Facebook mobile app does not allow integration of third party software plug-ins. For this reason, the Online Booking plug-in will only appear when the client is using Facebook in a web browser. An alternative to getting a visible link to your Online Booking page through the mobile app is to add the Booking Page URL as your Website entry on your Facebook page.

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