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Do I need assistance to install 123Pet?

123Pet is easy to install and most customers do not need assistance from support. Here are some instructions.
  1. Download the software. The latest version of 123Pet software can be found here.
  2. After the installation file has finished downloading, select the Run option. We recommend that you exit all other programs while running this setup file.
  3. You may see a User Account Control message come up when the program starts to install. In this case, allow the setup by clicking Yes.

    Before installing 123Pet on your computer, the installer will check to make sure your computer has all the programs needed in order for 123Pet to work properly. If it detects one or more missing applications, it will install them for you. Press Install to install these applications if any are detected.
  4. Once the prerequisite applications are finished installing, you will see a standard welcome screen come up for installing the program. Click Next to continue. Accept the license agreement and click Next​ to install the software. Finally, click Install and 123Pet will continue installing. When it's done, select the option to Launch 123Pet and the program will open after clicking Finish.
  5. When 123Pet starts for the first time, you will be prompted to register the software or continue using it as a trial. If you have already purchased the software, select Enter Registration Info and enter the username and password to your Online Account in the spaces provided. If you do not have an Online Account yet, choose Enter Serial Number to register with the number provided to you when purchasing. Otherwise, you may continue using the free trial.
  6. You will be asked to create a new blank database, sample database, or restore a backup (if you previously had the software installed on another computer or are reinstalling on this computer). If you would like to start using the software with your own employees, services, and clients right away, then choose the Jump Right In option. If you would like to start learning how to use 123Pet software with some sample information (which can be deleted later), select Quickly Start with Sample Info​.
If you do have any issues installing 123Pet, give our support team a call or send us an e-mail. We are here to help!

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